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Jiangxi Madison Pipe Industry is a professional pipe manufacturer & wholesale of HDPE pipes with different sizes, and for all kind of applications.

PE Pipes For Irrigation

The Introduction/Overview of Farmland Irrigation Pipes Polyethylene PE pipes are widely used in sewage, water supply, drainage, water delivery and other manufacturing fields due to their high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. The polyethylene water supply pipes for farmland sprinkler irrigation made of PE materials include low-density polyethylene…

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HDPE Waste Water Pipes

Introduction PE pipe for waste water is also known as high-density polyethylene pipes, referred to as "HDPE" for short. HDPE pipe is an ideal pipe solution for public and private drinking water systems. The service life of HDPE pipes can reach more than 50 years and can be used under various conditions. HDPE pipes provide a reasonable, low-maintenance investment for municipal and private drinking…

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HDPE Floating Docks

Introduction Material: HDPE Average Wall Thickness: ≥5mm Inner Filling: EPS Counterweight: The counterweight can be filled with concrete according to the freeboard height and load requirements. Customized: Yes. A variety of specifications, sizes and colors are available. The material of the floating docks is HDPE, which is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless and milky white particles. It has the…

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Rubber Steel Wire Winding Pipe

Introduction The rubber steel wire winding pipe is mainly composed of liquid resistant inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, 2/4/ 6 layers of steel wire winding reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer can make the conveying medium bear pressure and protect the steel wire from erosion. The outer rubber layer can protect the steel wire from damage. The steel wire (φ 0.…

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Pipe Filters for Madison HDPE Pipes

The Filter Parts We offer all kinds and sizes of pipe fittings and other parts. About Plastic Pipe Fittings A variety of thermoplastic resins can be made into Plastic Pipe Fittings. They are ABS – Acrylonitrile(Butadiene-Styrene), PE ( Polyethylene), CPVC( Chorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride)), PS( Polystyrene) & PVC( Polyvinyl Chloride). We provide plastic fittings what are used for: Drain Waste…

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