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Generally speaking, type B HDPE winding structure wall reinforced pipe (also call HDPE carat pipe) and HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe are similar in length, color, and appearance. It's hard to tell the difference at first glance. Now we enumerate the differences between these two kinds of pipes in detail, which will be of great help in distinguishing the two kinds of pipes. HDPE winding…

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This process is suitable for the production process of steel mesh skeleton (polyethylene) composite pipes(SRTP Pipe), and guides production process adjustment and quality control. Last article we discuss the winding machine technical parameters, today we will introduce the SRTP pipe production process operating procedures refer to the grinder, sealing, trimming and the plastic machine. SRTP Pipe…

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The production of SRTP Pipe(HDPE steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe) needs to go through the step of winding steel wire on a winding machine. Follow we will discuss it. Technical Parameters and Operating Procedures of The Winding Machine Flow chart of winding machine Inspection of winding machine Before starting the machine, check whether the guide wire head and the restraint sleeve…

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HDPE steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe(SRTP Pipe) is a new type of composite wall pipe with integral pipe wall formed by taking high-strength steel wire and polyethylene plastic as raw materials, winding high-strength steel wire as core layer and high-density polyethylene plastic as inner and outer layer. Adding steel wire reinforced mesh to the composite pipe not only greatly…

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