6 Frequently Encountered Problems in PE Pipes And Their Solutions

Posted on: June 29, 2021 by Madison Pipe Industry, 3 min read

In real life, no matter which product you use, you will encounter various problems. We can’t guarantee that there will be no problems with this product, but we can solve the problem in a short time when we encounter problems, and spend as little or no money as possible. Today,we will tell you how we can solve problems with PE pipes.

PE Pipe

PE pipes are widely used in practice, and the common ones are: urban water supply, urban gas supply, farmland irrigation, building water supply, building drainage, and so on.

Generally, there are 6 kinds of problems that PE pipes often encounter when they are in use. Next, we will analyze the causes of each problem and the specific solutions one by one.

1. Corrugations appear on the surface of the pipe

There are two main reasons for the corrugation on the surface of the PE pipe. One is insufficient cooling, and the other is the improper size of the sealing ring, resulting in vibration.

Don't panic in this situation, we can increase the water intake of the sizing sleeve or increase the distance between the mouth touch and the sizing sleeve. In addition, you need to check the size of the vacuum tank seal ring. If the size is too small, you need to replace or reduce the vacuum of a section of the vacuum tank.

2. The surface of the PE pipe is covered with pits

There are three possible causes of surface pitting:

  1. The raw materials contain impurities.
  2. The inner wall between the mouth touch and the core touch is not clean.
  3. High local temperature causes aging.

Encountered this problem, the specific solution has three steps:

  1. Check raw materials;
  2. Clean up or transition for a period of time;
  3. Check the temperature sensor.

3. PE pipe surface problems

The surface of the PE pipe is prone to problems. The main problems are: surface pits, bright spots on the surface, non-glossy surface, scratches on the surface, and each problem has different causes and solutions.

1. Surface pits

There are two main reasons for the pits, one is the raw material tide and bubble burst, and the other is the uneven water volume of the sizing jacket.

Of course, when encountering this problem, there are two specific solutions: drying the raw materials, adjusting the water volume or replacing the sizing sleeve.

2. Bright spots on the surface

The bright spots are due to insufficient water in the sizing sleeve, we only need to increase the water volume of the sizing sleeve or replace the sizing sleeve with a large amount of water.

3. The surface is not shiny

The reason for the non-brightness is that the melt temperature is not suitable, or the raw material is defective. When this problem occurs, we need to adjust the melt temperature or replace the raw materials.

4. There are scratches on the surface

If there are scratches on the surface of the PE pipe, it is basically because the sizing sleeve, support plate or sealing ring is attached with sand. The specific solution is to clean the sizing sleeve, support plate or sealing ring.

4. The inner and outer walls are axially rough

The inner and outer walls of the PE pipe are axially rough because the water content of the raw materials is too high, so we can directly dry the raw materials.

5. There are grooves on the inner wall

The reason for the existence of the grooves is that the wall thickness is too thick, which makes it difficult for the melt to cool, which in turn produces flow. Faced with this problem, the specific solution is to try a central cooling system and reduce the temperature of the mouth and core.

6. Uneven pipe wall thickness

There are 3 reasons for uneven wall thickness:

  1. The bolts of the mouth touch or core touch are loose, and the gap adjustment of the mouth touch is inappropriate;
  2. The temperature of the mouth touch or the core touch is uneven, resulting in inconsistent material flow;
  3. The sizing sleeve is misaligned with the mouth, the spiral shunt shuttle or the screen is blocked.

Specific solutions:

  1. Tighten bolts or adjust the gap between the mouth and touch;
  2. Check the heating ring and temperature sensor;
  3. Adjust the sizing sleeve and the mouth touch to fold the shunt shuttle or screen.

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