SRTP Pipe Production: Flow Chart & Operating Procedures

Posted on: November 18, 2021 by Madison Pipe Industry, 5 min read

This process is suitable for the production process of steel mesh skeleton (polyethylene) composite pipes(SRTP Pipe), and guides production process adjustment and quality control. Last article we discuss the winding machine technical parameters, today we will introduce the SRTP pipe production process operating procedures refer to the grinder, sealing, trimming and the plastic machine.

SRTP Pipe Production Process Operating Procedures

1. Production Flow Chart of Steel Mesh Skeleton Composite Pipe(SRTP Pipe)

Production process of steel wire wound reinforced polyethylene pipe

Production Process of SRTP Pipe

2. Operating Procedures

Raw material preparation

Pour polyethylene (PE) into the barrel, add 2% black masterbatch and mix evenly. Pour the bonding resin into the barrel. Use a low-speed mixer to mix the material, and the mixing time is controlled within 3-5 minutes.

Preparation before starting

  • After all inspections are completed, close the isolation switch of the incoming line cabinet and the main power switch in the cabinet, turn on the cooling water of the extruder, and connect the air source required for the production line.

  • Turn on the power of each control cabinet, the power indicator on the panel of each control cabinet will be bright, press the heating button on the panel of each extruder to set the temperature to the specified process temperature value, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, It can be turned on after one hour of heat preservation, except in special circumstances.

Turn on the temperature

  • Turn on the power of the 90-machine power distribution cabinet. Press the mold heating button 1-5, press the inner heating button 1 ((Note the nominal outer diameter DN200, DN250 has inner heating 1. Others without inner heating 1) and the mold temperature machine heating button, and turn on the mold temperature machine water pump.
  • Turn on the power supply of the power distribution cabinet of the 65, 45, and 20 machines, press the 65, 45, and 45 die heads to heat the 1-4 heating resistors. 20 machine barrel heating 1-3 resistance.
  • When the die of the 90 machine, the 65 machine, and the 45 machine is heated for about 1 hour, press the 90 machine barrel heating 1-5 heating resistor. And the 65 machine, 45 machine barrel heating 1- 4 Heating resistor. Turn on the cooling water pump, and open the water inlet and outlet valves.

Turn on the air compressor

Check whether the pressure of the traction 1, traction 2, and the cutting machine are appropriate, and check whether the air pressure of each branch is appropriate, and adjust.

Cutting machine adjustment

  • According to the pipes of different specifications, replace the reasonable meter, the nominal outer diameter DN200, DN250 uses the large meter, DN110, DN160 uses the small meter.
  • Adjust the appropriate amount of feed, cutting time, set the length of the production pipe, and adjust the guide wheels to the appropriate position.

3. Technical Parameters and Operating Procedures of The Winding Machine

4.The Operation Rules of The Grinder

  • Install the snap ring of the pipe according to different pipes and install the bowl-shaped grinding wheel.

  • Install the pipe to be polished on the snap ring, put it in a proper position and press the snap ring.

  • Turn on the main motor switch and the grinding wheel operation switch.

  • Grind off the exposed steel wires at both ends of the pipe through the movement of the grinding wheel until the port is smooth.

  • When stopping, first withdraw the grinding wheel, then turn off the grinding wheel operation switch, and then turn off the main motor switch.

5. Sealing Operation Process

Sealing operation process

  • According to the sealing ring of different pipes, install the sealing ring, snap ring and pipe snap ring.

  • Turn on the heater switch and set the appropriate temperature.

  • When the temperature reaches the set temperature, put the sealing ring into the snap ring and lock it; put the ground pipe into the snap ring and place it in a proper position, and press the snap ring tightly.

  • Put down the heater, turn on the switch of the oil cylinder, and press the sealing ring, heater and pipe port tightly together to heat up.

  • When heated to an appropriate temperature, loosen the oil cylinder, lift the heater and quickly press the oil cylinder, press the sealing ring and the end material together and cool.

  • When you stop sealing, turn off the heater power switch.

  • The sealing ring must be sealed well, and there should be no gaps, otherwise the steel wire will be oxidized and rusted.

6. Trimming Operation Process

  • According to different pipes, install the pipe snap ring and take a standard pipe, adjust the trimming blade according to the nominal outer diameter and inner diameter of the pipe, put the sealed pipe in the snap ring and place it Tighten the snap ring at the position corresponding to the trimming knife.

  • Start the trimmer motor switch, and move the trimmer motor to start trimming.

  • After trimming, exit the trimming blade, and stop the motor power switch.

  • The trimmed port should be flat and smooth. No burrs, burrs.

  • Put the trimmed and cut waste products in bags, put them in a suitable place, and pile them together for disposal.

7. The Technical Parameters and Operating Procedures of The Plastic Machine

Flow chart

The operating process of the plastic machine

Operating procedures

  • Check the circuit and turn on the power switch.
  • Turn on the water valve of the high-frequency extruder to check whether the water path is unblocked.
  • Turn on the barrel heating 1, 2, 3 and the head heating 1, the head heating 2.
  • Prepare the bonding resin in the hopper, install the bare wire on the spool and fix it to the pay-off frame, and fix the big wire reel on the take-up machine. When keeping the temperature heated to the set value (one and a half hours), wind the steel wire around the winding pulley-tuner-drying cylinder-head-cooling water tank-take-up machine rotating disc double winding-wire Wheel-Oita wire reel presses the wire head well.
  • Turn on the take-up machine and adjust it to 100r/min.
  • Turn on the cooling water in the cooling tank, turn on the high frequency (200℃), turn on the extruder motor and adjust to the appropriate speed; turn on the take-up machine to 500r/min.
  • Check the tuner and burning tube, the color of the wire coming out should be red, if it is black, lower the high-frequency temperature;
  • Use a blade to check whether the plastic wire of the machine head is even;
  • Turn off the extruding motor again, then turn off the barrel machine and die.

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