SRTP Pipe Production: Winding Machine Technical Parameters and Operating Procedures

Posted on: November 10, 2021 by Madison Pipe Industry, 5 min read

The production of SRTP Pipe(HDPE steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe) needs to go through the step of winding steel wire on a winding machine. Follow we will discuss it.

Technical Parameters and Operating Procedures of The Winding Machine

Flow chart of winding machine

Flow Chart of Winding Machine

Inspection of winding machine

  1. Before starting the machine, check whether the guide wire head and the restraint sleeve are concentric, and do not install the glue wire layer and the bare wire layer chaotically. Arrange the number of steel wires according to the pipe specifications, and determine the winding angle and winding machine speed.

  2. Then pass the steel wire through the wire reel-the wire guide-the restraint sleeve in turn, and divide them into 4 evenly.

  3. Pass the divided four strands on the plastic steel and the four-strand screws, and then pass the high-frequency heating ring, oven, 45 machine die, rubber air ring, 65 machine die, outer air ring, and connect the upper and lower, left and right four strands with steel wire buttons. Fasten on the port of the outer traction tube.

  4. After the die is heated up for about 2 hours, adjust the die's mouth die pressing ring bare wire, so that each bare wire is evenly compressed.

Turn on

  1. Turn on the power switch of the dryer fan of the accessory equipment of the 90 machine, the dryer electromechanical heating power supply and the feeder power switch, insert the suction gun into the barrel, press the automatic suction and net cleaning button on the suction machine, and start suction to enter the 90 In the hopper of the machine.

  2. When the barrel of 90, 65, 45 and 20 is heated to the set temperature, keep warm for about one hour. Turn on the main motors of 90, 65, 45, and 20, and start the speed increase button to the appropriate speed.

  3. Squeeze into the core tube inner PE, bonding resin and outer PE radiation absorbing strips, observe whether the inner and outer walls of the core tube are smooth, whether the bonding resin is discharged uniformly, whether the surface of the outer PE layer is smooth, and whether the thickness is consistent.

  4. Adjust the uniformity and thickness of the die outlet, generally loose and thin edges, and press thick edges.

  5. When the wall thickness is uniformly adjusted, turn on the power switch of the oven, set a certain temperature, and then turn off the 90, 65, 45, and 20 machines to stop extruding.

  6. Pull the core tube out of the positioning tube about 200mm, and the core tube is about 100mm away from the mold opening, set the traction to forward, start the traction 1 button, release the traction 1 clamp, and increase the traction according to Table 3 to At a suitable speed, turn on the 90 machine to extrude the old material in the mold, and then heat the core tube. The screw speed should be lower than the normal speed during hot application, generally 5-10r/min.

Winding Machine

  1. When the core tube is thermally shocked to be able to bond, quickly move the No. 1 and 2 vacuum small boxes to bring the end of the heat-stimulated core tube close to the mold, and immediately cover the core tube extruded in the mold. Do the butt joint on the heat-stimulated core tube. When butt joint, press, stick firmly, clamp and pull the 1 clamp, and move forward to the 1.2 vacuum small box. When the joint enters the positioning cylinder, quickly turn on the water pump 1 in the vacuum water tank 1 Vacuum 1, water pump 2, vacuum 2, the positioning cylinder is about 1.5cm-5cm from the mold opening, the vacuum water pump stops moving, and the 90 machine screw is increased to the appropriate speed.

  2. Adjust the front and rear vacuum pressure valves in the vacuum tank 1 to the appropriate range.

  3. When the water tank passes through the vacuum water tank 1, the vacuum water tank 2, the traction, etc., The shut is close to the outer traction guide tube in front of the vacuum water tank 3, and the traction that has been set in advance is synchronized with the traction 1.

  4. Turn on the 45 machine motor, increase the speed of the screw to the appropriate speed, apply a layer of 300-500mm long glue layer on the core tube and the steel wire to bond the core tube and the steel wire, then turn off the 45 machine and turn on the winding machine , And set the button to the automatic position.

  5. When the uniform plastic steel wire quickly enters the high-frequency heating ring, turn on the high frequency and set the appropriate temperature.

  6. Set the appropriate temperature in the three zones so that the bare wire can be bonded with the glue wire and distributed evenly.

  7. When the two even layers of steel wire are about to enter the 45 machine glue layer mold, start the 45 machine main motor, start the speed button to adjust to the appropriate speed according to Table 5, observe whether the glue layer is even on the steel wire and core tube, turn on 45 The small air ring between the mold of the machine and the mold of the 65 machine cools the glued pipe.

  8. When the uniform glue layer passes through the mold opening of the 65 machine, start the main motor of the 65 machine, start the speed increasing button and adjust to the appropriate speed, quickly press the extruded PE around the glue layer, and open it at the same time Water pump 2, vacuum 2, outer air ring in the vacuum water tank.

  9. When the pipe coated with the outer layer of PE enters the rubber of the No. 3 vacuum water tank, immediately turn on the water pump 1, vacuum 1, and adjust the appropriate No. 3 vacuum pressure.

  10. The composite pipes then pass through the No. 3 vacuum water tank, the 4 small water tank, and the printer (printing procedure is trademark symbol → trademark → company name → product name symbol SRTP → usage code (LQT) → plastic code PE → Nominal outer diameter mm→wall thickness mm→nominal pressure Mpa→standard number CJ/T189-2007→date, hauled to the cutting machine to cut according to the specified standard.


  1. First turn off the extruder motor of the 90 machine and the heating switch of the mould machine, and the temperature of the mould machine will drop below 40C.
  2. When the core tube passes through the section of the water pipe in the vacuum water tank 1, turn off the vacuum 1, water pump 1, and then turn off the vacuum 2, water pump 2 in turn.
  3. When the core tube passes through the vacuum water tank 2 in turn. When pulling 1 to the plastic steel wire winding disc, quickly glue the glue wire with transparent glue and cut the plastic steel wire, turn off the high-frequency heating.
  4. When the core tube reaches the bare wire winding disc, use transparent glue to hold the bare wire , Glue wire and core tube are glued together, and cut off the bare wire, turn off the oven.
  5. When the core tube reaches the film, turn off the 45 machine extruder motor, when the water wind ring reaches the outer layer, turn off the 65 machine extruder motor, 20 machine extruder buckle and the outer air ring.
  6. Turn off 90 All heating switches and all utilization switches of machine, 65 machine, 45 machine, 20 machine.
  7. When all the pipes pass through the cutting machine to the pipe turning rack, turn off the traction 2 and turn off the water pump motor of the water tank.

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