The Guide of PE Pipe

Posted on: March 22, 2021 by Madison Pipe Industry, 3 min read

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What is PE Pipe?

PE pipe is a kind of non-toxic plastic material with excellent low temperature resistance and strong chemical stability, which is widely used in building materials. PE is polyethylene plastic. The most basic kind of plastic, plastic bags and cling film all are PE. HDPE is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The appearance of the original HDPE is milky white, and the thin section is translucent to a certain extent.

What is PE Pipe Used for?

  1. PE pipes are the most widely used in building materials. PE pipe is a plastic pipe made of PE pipe materials and is used in two important markets including sewage pipes and gas pipes. The price of PE pipes is based on the nominal wall thickness. The general price is about $0.5 per meter, and there are more expensive ones that reaching thousands. Its’ price depends on different specifications. If you need to buy PE pipes, it is recommended to go to the market(online or offline) to investigate and then check some information before deciding which specification and price to buy.
  2. PE pipe’s material is a kind of thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of ethylene. In industry, it also includes copolymers of ethylene and a small amount of α-copolymer. PE pipe is an indispensable decoration material in decoration.
  3. Pipes are mainly used for infrastructure construction. From the perspective of the current situation of PE pipe companies, some companies generally have similar products, slow development of new products, and mainly rely on imports for raw materials. In order to get more benefits, the company must increase research and development efforts and expand application areas.Our company are focus on the PE pipes for water supply and sewer,MPP power pipe, for farmland irrigate and mining.

How to Choose PE Pipes?

  1. Consider Wall Thickness and Nominal Pressure The commonly used diameters of PE pipes usually range from 16mm to 1800mm. The nominal outer diameter must be determined before going to the market for purchase. However, there is an option of wall thickness in addition to the diameter. The thickness of different diameters of PE pipes is also different. There are more than 5 choices. The thicker of the wall thickness, the nominal pressure is greater. Nominal pressure refers to the working pressure of the pipe at the secondary temperature (20°C). The nominal pressure of PE pipes generally has five specifications: 0.6MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, which are selected according to the nominal pressure of the PE pipe in the construction project. The nominal pressure is bigger, the wall thickness is thicker, and the corresponding pipe’s price will be higher. If the high nominal pressure brought by the wall thickness is excessively pursued, the cost of the pipe will definitely increase, resulting in unnecessary waste of resources. So choosing an appropriate wall thickness is the best choice.

  2. Appearance Evaluation Performance Many times in the market there is a way to evaluate the quality of PE pipes from the appearance. This is actually based on a certain scientific basis. PE pipes are a kind of green pipes that can be recycled and reused, but the nature of recycled materials (recycled materials) Compared with the brand-new material, there is still a certain gap. It can be used in some less demanding scenes. If it is strictly selected, it will be unqualified to a certain extent. Too much recycled material will cause uneven color of the pipeline, ups and downs, bubbles, and insufficient smoothness of the pipe wall. This kind of pipeline can be avoided when choosing.

Where to Buy Good PE Pipes at Affordable Price?

Usually we can buy PE pipes at local market or online store. Madison pipe is an online PE pipes store that supplies:

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