Production and Application of PE Pipe

Posted on: July 24, 2021 by Madison Pipe Industry, 5 min read

The length of PE water supply pipe is about 6m, which is beneficial to transportation. In addition, it also saves freight and reduces logistics cost. In addition, PE water pipe is divided into straight pipe and coil pipe. It is used as a new water supply project. It has high cost performance and low price, so we can use it more confidently and comfortably.

PE water supply pipe also has excellent characteristics such as cold resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and service life. PE water supply pipe has great advantages in water supply in big cities. PE water supply pipe is a green and pollution-free pipe, and raw materials can be recycled. Because the pipe is not rusted, it is not only beneficial to environmental protection, but also beneficial to the removal and replacement of ordinary heating water pipes.

Steel Wire Reinforced Thermoplastics Composite Pipe Connection

The steel wire reinforced thermoplastics PE composite pipe is connected by electric melting PE pipe fittings. There is a heated resistance wire inside the PE pipe fittings. After heating the resistance wire of the PE pipe fittings through the PE electric melting welder, the inner wall of the PE pipe fittings is closely combined with the outer wall of the steel wire reinforced thermoplastics composite PE pipe, which is more reliable and safer.


Steel Wire Reinforced Thermoplastics Composite Pipe Fittings

It should be noted that ordinary PE pipes can use PE hot-melt fittings and hot-melt socket fittings, but steel wire reinforced thermoplastics composite PE pipes must be constructed with electric melting PE fittings. Steel wire mesh skeleton PE pipe electric melting PE pipe fittings mainly include electric melting PE direct, electric melting PE elbow, electric melting PE 45 degree elbow, electric melting PE tee, electric melting PE flange head and anti-corrosion flange special for electric melting PE flange head. Because of the convenient installation, PE pipe, steel wire mesh skeleton PE pipe and electric melting PE pipe fittings are widely used in fire water supply pipeline, tap water supply pipeline, as well as water supply pipeline in mines.

Production Solutions of PE Pipe

The surface of PE water supply pipe is not smooth

1. Mould

If the die is not smooth, the surface of the produced PE pipe will be rough.

2. Raw Material

The heating time of raw materials in the head or barrel is long, resulting in unclean head and barrel, high temperature in the production process or damage of screws, which is easy to embrittlement. Large pits or holes are easy to occur in the whole extrusion process. In case of such situation, the equipment shall be shut down for 1.5 hours, plus crushed raw materials.

When the raw material is wet, small bubbles on the surface of some PE pipes will also produce hemp spots after forming. This kind of pitting has a bar, which is formed by bending and stretching in the opposite direction to the extrusion direction. The raw material must be dry. Some low pitting will also occur when there is an unmelted residue in the raw material. When the pitting is large, the residue in the middle of the pitting can be seen. PE water supply pipe has great advantages in water supply in big cities. At this time, the production and processing temperature must be increased or the raw materials must be replaced.

Air Dryer Equipment / Dehumidification Dryer Equipment

  1. The basic principle of the air dryer is to use hot air to blow away the moisture in the raw materials of PE pipe, the temperature range is 80-100c, and most of the drying time is 40-60min; The hot air dryer is an open system, which can only remove the water on the surface of raw materials.

  2. The basic principle of dehumidification dryer equipment is to replace the water in hot air with molecular sieve, and then blow away the water in PE pipe raw materials with drying air. Using this method, the water in raw materials can be reduced to less than 0.1%, the drying temperature is usually 80-10oc, and the drying time is usually 2-3H. The dryer equipment with stable characteristics can reduce the point of drying air to less than - 30 ° C; If the moisture content of raw materials exceeds 0.08%, hot air dryer equipment must be used for pre drying.

Common Use PE Pipe

In the daily use of PE pipe and PE pipe fittings, PE pipes often used include PE water supply pipes, PE drainage and sewage pipes, PE power through pipes and PE gas pipes, etc. PE pipe fittings used in PE pipes for different purposes are also different. There are many kinds of PE pipe fittings. PE pipe fittings commonly used in PE pipe construction include hot-melt socket PE pipe fittings, hot-melt butt PE pipe fittings, electric melting PE pipe fittings, etc.

PE Pipe Construction

During PE pipe construction, it should be noted that the material of PE pipe and PE pipe fittings must be consistent, that is, the raw material brand used by them is the same. Only in this way can the reliability of PE pipe during welding be guaranteed. At a construction site of PE pipe, because the 90 degree elbow of PE pipe fittings uses non brand new PE pipe fittings, the PE pipe fittings are damaged during pressurization. The pressure borne by the water supply pipeline is generally 1.0MPa, and even the working pressure of some PE pipes is 1.6Mpa. Special attention should be paid to the construction of such PE pipes. Brand new PE pipes and PE pipe fittings must be used.

PE Pipe Application

In the application process of PE pipe, because many advantages are recognized by everyone, the application is becoming more and more common. Next, let's understand the application characteristics of PE pipe.

The service life of PE pipe can be safely used for more than 50 years under normal conditions. The sanitary characteristics are good. The PE pipe has no heavy metal salt stabilizer. The material is non-toxic, does not scale, does not produce bacteria, and can avoid the secondary environmental pollution of domestic water. PE is an inert material. In addition to a few strong oxidants, it can also resist the corrosion of a variety of chemicals. The toughness is very good, the elongation at break of PE pipe is usually above 500%, the high-strength torque resistance has strong adaptability to the uneven settlement of pipe foundation, and the seismic characteristics are very good. It has strong characteristics of slow speed and rapid crack growth, low friction coefficient, small flow resistance, and significantly higher transportation capacity than other pipelines of the same diameter. It has high-quality wear resistance. Under the same standard, the wear resistance is 4 times that of steel pipe. It has good weld-ability, better interface strength than the pipe itself, good flexibility and good scratch resistance. Compared with other pipes, it can greatly reduce the project cost.

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