Large Diameter PE Water Supply Pipe:Advantages, Application & Connection

Posted on: September 10, 2021 by Madison Pipe Industry, 4 min read

Advantages of Large Diameter PE Water Supply Pipe

  1. Consider the safety evaluation provisions of GB / t17219: it can resist the corrosion of various organic chemicals; Principle of no primary battery;
  2. Good sanitation: PE water supply pipe is non-toxic, without excessive heavy metal additives, scaling and pathogen breeding, which solves the secondary air pollution of drinking water;
  3. Long term service life: under all normal specifications, the service life is more than 50 years;
  4. The inner wall is smooth and the friction resistance is very low. Compared with the seamless steel pipe with the same inner diameter, the flow capacity can be increased by "30%"; It has excellent wear resistance, which is 4 times higher than that of seamless steel pipe;
  5. The welding process is simple, the construction is time-saving and labor-saving, and the comprehensive project cost of the construction project is low.
  6. Relatively light net weight, time-saving and labor-saving transportation and installation. The unusual professionalism of electric welding, socket connection and hot fusion light wire of electric fusion pipe fittings makes the tensile strength of the socket higher than that of the pipe fittings, ensuring the reliability of the socket;
  7. Good flexibility, high impact tensile strength, strong earthquake resistance and distortion;

What are The Uses of Large Diameter PE Water Supply Pipes in Life?

Large diameter PE water supply pipe is suitable for pressure water transmission and drinking water transmission for general purposes with temperature not exceeding 40 and nominal pressure below 1.6Mpa; It mainly includes municipal buried water supply, building water supply (drainage), farmland irrigation, waterscape engineering, etc; Buried polyethylene (PE) pipeline system for gas; Other uses include the transportation of industrial raw materials such as oil fields, mines and chemicals and the pipe of central air conditioning system.

In fact, PE water supply pipe and PE drainage pipe belong to PE pipe. PE water supply pipe is used to transport tap water. Generally, it needs a pump to pump water from underground to ground and transport it to residents' homes. Because PE water supply pipe needs to bear the pressure when pumping water, the pressure should be considered when using water supply pipe. PE drainage pipes generally discharge sewage and flow from high to low, so PE drainage pipes generally do not need to consider the pressure grade.

Let's talk about the application of large-diameter PE water supply pipe in life:

  1. Urban water supply: PE pipeline has comprehensive advantages such as safety, sanitation and convenient construction.
  2. Natural gas and gas transmission pipeline: due to the advantages of reliable connection, stable performance, easy construction and corrosion resistance, PE pipeline has become the only choice for low-pressure natural gas transmission pipeline.
  3. Food chemical industry: PE pipe has unique chemical corrosion resistance, which can be used for the transportation or discharge of various acid, alkali and salt solutions, with long service life and low cost and maintenance cost.
  4. Transportation of mineral sand and mud: the wear resistance of PE pipeline is 4 times that of steel pipe. It can be widely used to transport mineral sand, fly ash of power plant, mud for river dredging, etc.
  5. Pipeline re selection in the old urban area: the old pipe is replaced, the project cost is low and the construction time is short.
  6. Landscaping pipe network: Landscaping requires a large number of water pipelines, and PE pipelines are low-cost and worthy of vigorous promotion.

PE water supply pipe can also be widely used in other fields, such as power, communication sheath, farmland irrigation, siphon drainage, landfill, geothermal air conditioning, deep-sea aquaculture, buried fire pipeline and so on.

Larger Diameter PE Water Supply Pipe

Precautions for Application of Large Diameter PE Water Supply Pipe

  1. PE water supply pipes shall not be arranged on raw materials, products and equipment that cause combustion, explosion or damage in case of water.
  2. The installation position shall not interfere with production operation, transportation or the use of buildings.
  3. The pipeline shall not pass through the flue and air duct.
  4. It shall not be hung in food warehouse, valuable commodity warehouse, ventilation room and power distribution room.
  5. Waterproof measures shall be taken when PE water supply pipeline crosses the outer wall of basement or the wall of underground structure.
  6. Try to avoid crossing bedrooms, wards and other rooms with high hygiene and installation requirements, and avoid being close to the inner wall adjacent to the bedroom.
  7. It shall not be arranged above the main and non-staple food operation room in the bedroom, canteen and kitchen; Nor can it be arranged in food storage rooms, halls, libraries and workshops with special health requirements.
  8. When the building has anti condensation requirements, anti condensation measures shall be taken at the place where the outer wall of PE water supply pipe is likely to condense.

Welding Method of Large Diameter PE Water Pipe

  1. When welding PE pipes, align the axes of the two pipes, and fix the ends of the two pipes by spot welding.
  2. The flange shall be perpendicular to the center line of the pipe, the surfaces shall be parallel to each other, the flange gasket shall not protrude into the pipe, the bolt specification of the connecting flange shall be matched with the flange, and the protruding nut length of the screw shall not be greater than 1 / 2 of the screw diameter.
  3. When the wall thickness of PE pipe is more than 5mm, the groove shall be cut to ensure full penetration. The groove can be formed by gas welding cutting or groove machining, but the slag and iron oxide shall be removed and polished with a file until the metal light is exposed.
  4. When cutting PE pipe, the cutting section shall be perpendicular to the pipe centerline to ensure the concentricity of the pipe after welding.
  5. For the welding of PE pipe and flange, the PE pipe shall be inserted into the flange first, aligned with an angle ruler after spot welding, and then welded after leveling. The flange plate shall be welded on both sides, and the welding on the inner side shall not protrude from the sealing surface of the flange plate.
  6. When welding PE pipes, the pipe interface shall be cleaned of floating rust, dirt and grease.
  7. Flange gasket shall be selected according to the requirements of drawings and specifications. Rubber gasket shall be used for cold water system and asbestos rubber gasket shall be used for hot water system.

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