How to Deal With The Leakage of PE Pipe Quickly?

Posted on: July 05, 2021 by Madison Pipe Industry, 3 min read

PE pipe is also a kind of pipe which is used in our daily life. The use range of this material is also quite wide. At the same time, its quality is relatively reassuring. However, it is inevitable to encounter the PE pipe with poor quality. After a long period of use, it is easy to meet the problem of service life reaching, so that the water pipe leaks, So what are the quick ways to remedy the leakage of PE pipe?

For minor leakage, local repair is needed

1. Pipe wall cracks and water leakage.

The cracks and water leakage of cast iron pipe wall can be repaired by pipe clamp. The pipe clamp is made of two semicircular pipes made of 10 mm thick steel plate, 30 mm longer than the crack. The inner radius is the outer diameter of the repaired pipe, lined with 3 mm thick rubber plate. After the pipe clamp is installed, it is tightened with bolts. For the cracks and water leakage of PE pipe wall, the plastic pipe hoop or fast joint or PE repair joint with the same standard and data shall be selected for repair.

2. The interface is leaking.

For the cast iron pipe joint, if the ash joint is selected, the outer surface of the ash joint can be removed about 0.5-1.0 mm, and then the chiseled part of the ash joint can be cleaned, and then the cleaned ash joint can be filled with epoxy cement mortar, and the outer surface of the ash joint can be smoothed. As for the lead interface, the lead port can be removed, and the lead can be filled and compacted from the beginning. For the leakage of PE pipe joint, the corresponding PE pipe fittings with the same standard and data can be selected for repair. The pipe at the joint shall be sawed off together with the PE pipe fittings, and then the new PE pipe fittings shall be connected with the original pipe. When the pipe is sawed off, the length is not well controlled, and the operation of experienced plumbers is required.

For the serious leakage, the PE pipe needs to be replaced

When the pipeline is seriously damaged and can not be repaired or the repair cost is large, it is necessary to consider the renewal of all pipelines.

PE Pipe

The quick repair method of PE pipe leakage

For the local leakage of PE pipe, we can choose the waterproof tape with good waterproof performance to wrap it around the local leakage of PE pipe. If the leakage area of PE pipe is relatively large, it is better to replace it with polyethylene PE pipe. Because the severity of water leakage is different, we are dealing with water leakage of water pipe, It is also necessary to detect the water leakage scope and specific location in advance. The effect of this treatment is not only obvious, but also the root cause of water leakage can be solved.

Repair the leakage PE pipe

  1. We must turn off the main gate valve of the water pipe when we carry out the solution, and then cut off the seepage area by using special pipe cutter. Of course, if there is no special cutter, it can be replaced by small steel saw, but the port number cut off in the case of cutting should be leveled if you have to pay attention to it.

  2. As it seems that many people have not solved PE pipes by themselves, the opening may appear when cutting the pipes. In this case, then, it is necessary to polish and polish it with the port number exposed on the outside with sandpaper.

  3. Clean the port number with a rag and then there must be no dust left.

  4. Wipe the prepared pipe with the strength glue for repair application and must be dried slightly for a while.

  5. Butt the repaired pipe with the pipe that has been cut off and wait for it to be firm. Then connect the other end in the same way.

  6. Apply proper strong glue at the interface of PE water supply pipe to ensure no water seepage. The gate valve can be opened for pressure test after 30 minutes.

The above introduction is a quick way to solve the problem of PE pipe seepage. If you can't deal with it by yourself, you'd better contact a professional pipeline repair master to help repair it, which will not affect the normal use of the pipeline in the future.

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